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Bradshaw Family Scholarship

Our Purpose

The essence of family is love, support, and providing anything possible for those you care about. The Bradshaw Family Scholarship is given in the image of the Bradshaw Family. A student-athlete that demonstrates the core values of hard work, community, care, and a continued pursuit of excellence will be awarded the scholarship for their athletic, academic, and personal achievements.


As we come into contact with young people we consider them all for this scholarship based on an advanced level of criteria. We also understand that there may exist some deserving young woman who we have not yet met. If a young woman comes to mind who you believe qualifies for this scholarship and would greatly benefit from receiving it please nominate that young person. We look forward to expanding our reach towards our young women and men through resources, mentorship, and sports.  

Scholarship Recipients

Here are our previous scholarship winners accompanied by a short bio. 


McMina Clermont

2023 Bradshaw Family Foundation Scholarship Recipient

A passionate, energetic, intelligent young lady who has become an incredible bright spot in our family. Attending the Araion Bradshaw Basketball Camp each year, she has left her imprint and impact on all of those she has met. McMina has completed her high school education and pursuing further academic excellence at HBUC Lincoln University. A Brockton Native, McMina has played basketball throughout her teenage years with a love for the game that has inspired her in other life pursuits including opening her own hair care and maintenance service catered to the Brockton and Boston Communities. 

"As cliché as it may sound, basketball was a major part of my life in learning how to understand myself and my emotions. On the court I was different. On the court, I wore confidence on my shoulders and courage on my feet. With the help of my teammates from my freshman year of high school, I was able to conquer the shadows and step into the light. With my number 10 jersey, I made lifelong connections, traveled through states, and even rediscovered myself. I am now in college on the path to studying medicine and political science. It is through programs like the Bradshaw Foundation that made it apparent to me that basketball is more than just a game but also a community. I aspire to work with members of society with the same ambitions and alongside organizations that invoke changes within our communities to give back what was given to me."  -- McMina Clermont, 2023 Scholarship Recipient


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Bradshaw Family Scholarship Nominations
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