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Bradshaw Inc.

The Bradshaw Family Foundation, located in the heart of Boston, is a charitable foundation dedicated to helping members of the Boston community in need. The Bradshaw Family Foundation creates and hosts events and programs focused on aiding youth in Boston, especially girls, toward intellectual, social, and personal advancement through the connection of sports. Participants will have groundbreaking opportunities for advancement, in areas that historically underserve minority communities.  The Bradshaw Family Foundation will provide tools for exceptional leadership skills, positive relationship building, critical thinking and problem solving, and mentors to all promote upstanding members of society. 

​The Bradshaw Family Foundation hosts a series of annual events, provides an annual scholarship, and commits financial contributions to the development of young people in the Boston area. As we work to expand our reach with these events and others in the future, we will ultimately make small steps to building our own complex as a dedicated space for members of our family to succeed in the heart of the city. Read about our events, how to get involved, current news, and more!

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